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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage combines relaxation and lymphatic drainage techniques and includes the application of a custom essential oil blend in a carrier oil like coconut. The pressure applied during this massage is light to medium.  Your health conditions, allergies and massage objectives will be carefully considered in formulating an effective and pleasant smelling blend for you. Aromatherapy massage targets all major muscle groups, systems and organs. As a result you will usually feel very relaxed, balanced and calm after your session and for several days following.



The treatment can be effective for reducing muscle tension and soreness, improving circulation, reducing pain, stress and anxiety. As an aromatherapist I endeavour to provide you with the most effective oil blend and any remaining blend will be packaged for you to use at home. Most extended health plans do not include aromatherapy massage, coverage may be provided if your policy includes Alternative Health.

  • 60 Minute Session


2023 Relaxation Massage Special
1 hour


Includes your own custom blend of essential oils in organic coconut oil carrier base

  • 90 Minute Session





Aromatherapy is defined as “the controlled use of essential oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing” by the Canadian Alliance of Aromatherapy. Essential oils are compounds extracted from the roots, seeds, flowers, bark of plants and trees through distillation and cold pressing. Each essential oil has its own unique chemical composition and benefits. For example lavender, lavendula angustifolia, can relieve tension and pain and balance emotions.


Lavender is very effective for treating insect bites and burns, it can calm emotions and promote restful sleep. The most common aromatherapy methods are inhalation, diffusion, and topical application. The method of use is determined by the essential oil and condition being treated. For an insect bite a topical application of lavender would be most effective and for sleep and relaxation, diffusion or inhalation would be recommended. I use the highest quality of therapeutic essential oils ensuring the best possible results for my clients.

  • 30 Minute Session


  • 60 Minute Session




Reiki is a natural healing technique that utilizes the energy around us to dissolve energetic blockages and tensions. When a person’s energy, is strong and free flowing the body and mind are in a positive state of health. When energy is weak or blocked a person can develop symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance. Reiki energy flows to where it is needed most and may be felt as heat, coolness or tingling. Reiki may reduce stress and anxiety and can be helpful managing chronic disease and reducing pain. During a reiki session the client remains clothed and lays on the massage table under a blanket. The practitioner moves around the table and positions their hands above or gently on the client.

  • 45 Minute Session


  • 60 Minute Session


  • 75 Minute Session


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